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What's UB Code?
It's an alternative to HTML, so you can stylize and add images to your code.

How do I use UB Code?
Below are examples of the use and how to use UB Code. You basically just type in what it says! For example, if you want bold text: [b]Bold Text[/b] -> Bold Text

\https://www.ultrascripts.comSimple Linking (work for url/email address)
[]Support Email[/url]Email AddressSupport Email
[img=Your image address]Show Image[image]
[b]Bold Text[/b]Bold TextBold Text
[i]Italics Text[/i]Italics TextItalics Text
[u]Underline Text[/u]Underline TextUnderline Text
[1]Size 1 Text[/1]Size 1 TextSize 1 Text
[2]Size 2 Text[/2]Size 2 TextSize 2 Text
[3]Size 3 Text[/3]Size 3 TextSize 3 Text
[4]Size 4 Text[/4]Size 4 TextSize 4 Text
[fixed]Fixed Text[/fixed]Fixed TextFixed Text
[sup]Superscript Text[/sup]Superscript TexttextSuperscript Text
[sub]Subscript Text[/sub]Subscript TexttextSubscript Text
[center]Center Text[/center]Center Text
Center Text
[color=0000FF]Color Text[/color]Color TextColor Text
[list]List ItemsList Items
  • List Items
  • [pre]Preformatted Text[/pre]Preformatted Text
      Preformatted Text
    [quote]Quoted Text[/quote]Quoted Text

    Quoted Text
    [code]Coded Text[/code]Coded Text
    Coded Text

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