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    • Sky Digital TV
      Sky digital provides the greatest variety of television entertainment channels in the United Kingdom, with access to hundreds of channels offering programmes from entertainment, movies, sports, to news, documentaries and childrens television. With Sky digital, there is something for all the family, and fully customizable monthly packages to suit your viewing requirements, and your budget.
    • Freesat
      Freesat is provided FREE of any monthly charges and boasts FREE HIGH DEFINITION VIEWING! Launched in Spring 2011, the service now boasts in excess of 140 digital TV and Radio channels. Aerialforce are Freesat installation specialists, and can install or repair a Freesat satellite system of your choice.
    • Freeview TV
      With access to a clear digital TV signal, you can have access to a whole new variety of Freeview TV channels, as well as pay for selected digital tv channels. This will bring you a whole new variety of digital entertainment, sport, current affairs and interactive channels, as well as music radio and TV for free!


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