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Choosing lingerie for yourself
Start by checking the store’s/website’s return policy. Many companies do not accept returns on lingerie and like any other form of clothing, there are styles and sizes that do not suit everyone.

Get measured. Most of the big stores who sell lingerie have at least one trained person who will measure you correctly. You will be surprised. Most women wear the wrong size, as recently proved in a TV presentation by Trinny and Susannah where over 90% of the several hundred women measured wore the wrong size, amazing! Once you are armed with your size choose wisely. It may sound obvious but when choosing a bra for the fuller bust choose one with sturdy adjustable straps. This way they can be made more comfortable. Try to buy natural fibres as man made fibres when next to man made fibre clothing will make you sweat horribly.  Make sure the cup suits your size, bulging is a definite no no.

Knickers are always personal taste. Love or hate ‘em thongs are really sexy and feel good under jeans and trousers. Shorts are practical and comfortable. High legs and mid legs offer full coverage but there are some pretty styles around.

Corset fitting is another thing entirely. There is a special way to measure yourself. The measurement is rarely the same as your bra size. There is no guesswork with a corset it has to fit so follow these instructions to the letter:

Tips for men when choosing lingerie
Do some serious homework before you enter the lingerie department of your local store to enable you to buy with confidence. Does your girlfriend or wife love underwired or soft bras, full coverage or half cups, thongs or panties? Most important don’t guess, check her knicker and bra labels for her correct size. Do not guess, you wont be thanked for it! 

Feel! If you like the feel of a garment so will she. Choose flattering colours. Black, red and white suit almost all colourings. Pastels are good on blondes and strong deep jewel colours flatter brunettes. Redheads look great in earthy colours.

Most important, wear what you think she would like to wear NOT the black and red frilly number YOU would like to see her in! Happy shopping.

Plus Size Lingerie
Curvy girls love lingerie too but not many of the world’s leading manufacturers have cottoned on to this fact yet! 

There are a few dedicated websites for BBWs and we do mean a few but they cater specifically for size 16+ ladies and most understand what curvaceous ladies want to wear in the bedroom. There are some gorgeous longer line bustiers and corsets available to cover the bits we might want to leave to the imagination.

There are quite a few online stores now that cater for bra sizes up to a 50 size back and up to a J cup so worth having a look out for those.

When choosing plus size lingerie bear in mind what colours and shapes suit you in everyday clothing, apply this rule to lingerie purchases and you can’t go wrong!

When shopping for lingerie it should always be an exciting and enjoyable experience.  Just think of the end result – definitely worth the hard work!

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